Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Vehicles- Rogue Trader style!

Some new pics of old vehicles.

With the new table up at least for the moment, I thought I'd get some practice shots in with my new digital camera.  Shots cam out OK, I have several shots of the troops that need editing and I'll post soon.  Still need to get the hang of the lighting features on the camera.

The "walkers' were originally intended as Sentinels but now that I've been slippy back into proper Rogue Trader I'll probably use the Build Points rules for dreadnoughts in White Dwarf 100 to custom build rules for them.  Same goes with the tank at the bottom, hopefully using White Dwarf 103 I can put something together rather using it as a  'proxy' this or that.

A walker (Sentinel) converted out of an old Crusher Joe model.

A heavy walker (Sentinel) made from various GW, and model kits.

Votomian class heavy troop transport.  Another old Crusher Joe model.



  1. I like your vehicle conversions :)

    That first one is a copy of a "Locust" from Mechwarrior yeah?

    I've never heard of Crusher Joe before, might have to go net surfing for a bit.

    Cheers Tartar :)

  2. Thanks the One! Correct the Crusher Joe "Ostall" walker was incorporated into Battletech as the Locust. Back in the days when copyright laws were more like rough guidelines.
    If you come across Crusher Joe models make sure to get them in 1/32 scale.