Sunday, August 17, 2014

Votomian Planetary Defense Force

My slowly growing Votomian PDF. About 65 troopers painted give or take. Mostly made up of old Rogue Trader era Imperial Army with a growing number of newer Catachan and Cadian troops (metal of course).
I still have a couple dozen troopers to paint up plus several heavy weapons.

The nice thing about building a PDF force is I can use pretty much anything I want to keep with the ad-hoc militia feel.

Votomian MKII camouflage. 
I got about 2/3rds of the way through painting these guys until I finally settled on a proper camouflage pattern. This gentleman represent the ideal camo scheme I'll try to stick to from now on, while the majority of my troopers have a thicker blobular pattern which I refer to as MKI.

The Troops:
My typical anti-duplicate ethos has led to a few head swaps along with several Stetsons and campaign hats.

Thanks for looking.  Hopefully more on the way.


  1. Stunning looking force! The way you mix the different eras/editions is brilliant and still makes for a nicely unified army. I really dig the stetsons/bush hats too! A real joy to see this force!

  2. Awesome looking army.
    Basically what Private W said, I like the way you have mixed different era 's of miniatures together and unified them with an effective paint scheme.