Sunday, September 14, 2014

Imperial Army fire support.

A few recent ebay purchases.
I haven't had a chance to use these in any recent games but if I recall correctly (back 20+ years ago) the Tarantula worked quite well in its role of sniping out vehicles and such. The Rapier on the other hand looks pretty cool but if I recall proved disappointing in practice, with the crew easily getting killed.  The Thudd Gun I have little recollection of and I need to sort through my White Dwarfs and find the rules for it.


I think something like the Ontos is what I had in mind when deploying a Rapier

Thudd Gun

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  1. I remember the Thudd gun having a snazzy looking blast template in one of the early editions of 40k.....can't remember which one :(

    It was a "cut out & pin together" affair, comprising of four blast templates where each template rotated around it's neighbour at the edge of the next one's radius. It sort of ended up looking like a snake with circles sections for a body. Difficult to explain :)

    I don't recall how it worked & I'm pretty sure we never got a chance to use it, but it was a pretty novel idea.

    Great oldschool artillery either way.