Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pirates WIP: 2

Got some work done on the pirates.

The gentlemen on the left I used an Empire Militia head, gives a nice classic piratey look. I'll Call him Patchy.

The guy in the middle is a Bob Olley sculpt and has some unusual proportions. The head I used is probably a bit too large and initially looked terrible, but with the addition of a shoulder pad it helped tie in the scale.  He has tiny little feet though... He looks like such the hard bitten warrior of numberless campaigns... then you see his dainty little feet!  I'll call him Därthmäl Twinkletoes

The last guy is one of the infamous space Celts you've heard so mush about. Used heads and hand from the Warlords games Celts with some green stuff to tie it all in. He's called Brenus the Brainless or maybe just Biff.


  1. I love the conversions. Th ehead on th emiddle guys is a tad big I agree, those CSM heads are way too big for RT models but some for the new marauders or the cultists could do, I love the space celt a lot and I would be tempted to paint his helmet like a breast...
    Joke aprt, looking good ;)

  2. I wouldn't worry too much about the middle dudes head being too big, adding the shoulder pad seems to have countered it pretty well. I reckon once it's painted up you won't even notice.

    Very convincing conversion work, well done!