Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Evil Sun

Many many years ago (1989 by my calculations) I picked up the Evil Sun banner print while on a family road trip along the East Coast.  I bought him from what I believe at the time was the GW headquarters store in Glen Burnie, Maryland.  The cloth is a bit light and chintzy and ten tears of hanging in my room faded it to a tea stain brown.

  Surprisingly I have managed to hold on to him over the years and finally decided to give him a second life. I picked up a poster frame from Ikea and spent the afternoon framing him in.

  It looks quite nice in my opinion though its hard to tell from the glare in my photos.  The tea stain doesn't detract too much and is kind of in keeping with the John Blanche look.

  He currently hangs over my hobby station but I expect to move him to the game room once the re-model is complete.

Have a nice day!



  1. That's rather cool indeed, I have a few tatty GW's tees that might get some relovin at some point